If you want to keep things clean, the first step is usually de-clutter. This makes sense - the less stuff, the less mess there will be.

However, even for a minimalist, there are still things that are important to keep in your car, especially if you have kids. I'm always guilty of being super prepared, but all that can add up and become quite a mess if you let it.

This is a suggestion for a "minimalist mom" car kit. Everything can be zipped into a small bag and stored in the trunk, with no mess at all. Of course, certain things vary based on the ages of your family members, but it's a good start of the bare minimum.

·         Flashlight

·         Small first aid kit

·         Pack of wipes (these are incredibly versatile and compact)

·         A small towel

·         For kids - one change of clothes each. This doesn't take up much room when rolled up, but a shirt/pants/undies (or extra diaper) change is smart.

·         An extra battery for mobile phone

·         Jumper cables

·         Tire gauge

·         Extra cash - we keep a $20 and $2 in quarters.

·         Non perishable snack

·         A multi-tool

In addition, make sure to keep a seat belt cutter/window breaker where you can easily reach it. I have a small tool in the glove box.

No matter how minimalist you are, it's always good to be prepared!

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