Get Your Vehicle Ready for Spring

I'm certainly ready for warmer weather and longer days, but is my car? I spend so much time getting it ready for freezing temperatures, snow, and ice that I often forget to "springerize" it. That's now a word, just go with it!

Winters are rough around these parts, so it's extra important to take a minute and assess the current condition of our vehicles once the bad weather is behind us. Here are five things to look at when getting your car ready for spring: 

  • Windshield wiper blades: Fighting through the ice and slush is not an easy job; your blades may need replaced!
  • Pay attention to the underbody: Imagine what you'd look like if you were slapped in the face with months' full of road salt! Clean the underbody of your car to prevent corrosion and rust.
  • Tire pressure: Fluctuating temperatures do weird things to air pressure. Take a couple minutes to check your tire pressure. If you need air, it's available for free at most gas stations.
  • Scrub a dub dub: I don't know about you, but I'm not the best at washing my car during the cold winter months. Once spring rolls around, though, your car's exterior and interior need some serious TLC. Wash and wax the paint to preserve the color and protect the body. Consider getting the interior detailed. You'll never see a cleaner clean than when you pay to have your car detailed!
  • Drink more fluids: We're supposed to drink water to stay healthy, and our vehicles are no different. Except their water is more along the lines of windshield wiper fluid, oil, and brake fluids, etc. For around thirty bucks, a professional will check fluid levels replenish if necessary. 

Now that your vehicle has been properly "springerized," hop on in and drive yourself to get some ice cream. You've earned it!

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